B&W Monochrome Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Black and white create a strange dreamscape that color never can.”

                                                                                                                                -Jack Antonoff

The perennial trust on the color combination = Black + White has never gone out of fashion since the birth of an interior designing industry. This eye-catching palette is striking bold yet simple. Decorating ideas for an inviting space with these color tones are endless. For a chic, timeless and bold interior space, you must thoughtfully work out the perfect balance of these two colors. Designing your whole place with black and white color theme results in a strikingly beautiful interior and the same is economical too. You can easily experiment with cheap décor items which would look sophisticated and classy in a white or black background. This restrictive color palette will not disappoint rainbow lovers! A pop of color in the black and white setting will create magic.

Listed below are few ideas to create that strikingly bold and beautiful interior for your home:

#1: Black and White Floor

Go for a black and white floor in a pattern you like. You may opt for a barcode pattern, checkerboard would give a classic look to your floor or basic stripes will render maximum visual impact. Or else you can choose from endless options of tile patterns to give that dramatic look to your home.

#2: Black and White Wall

A black accent wall decorated with white faience cutlery and white furnishings will take you to the Victorian Era. You can also minimize your budget by opting for cheap porcelain cutlery to decorate the place against that bold black wall or vice versa.

#3: Black and White Furnishings

If done it in the right way, black and white furnishings will cater a structured sense of energy to the atmosphere. Add crisp white or beige linens, table trims, charcoal colored rugs, pillows with a hint of shimmering gold or rose gold to make the place elegant.

#4: Pop of Color

For a no-fail combination, add that hot pink cushions on a damask printed black and white sofa, a lime green chandelier for that jaw-dropping ambiance. Loads of white and black with a classic touch of bright color accessories makes it a whimsical dream come true.

#5: Wooden or Stone Cladding

Want to give your home a contemporary look? Design a stone-cladding wall or use stone for flooring rather than tiles for that serene look. You can also opt for wooden flooring to keep things interesting in a high-gloss black wall room.

There are various ideas one can use to create a fresh and modern look of home by using minimal things. Visceral contrast items such as wall hangings, marble objects, rustic lampshade, etc., would make the interior timeless and magical. You have the complete freedom to decorate the home with layers of whites, greys, and blacks. The colors will make the place sophisticated, chic, classic and simple.

This year, go for a restrictive color palette for your home and be ready to make a statement!