What is Fly Ash Brick, and should you go for it?

Bricks, blocks, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, limestone, sealant, plaster, steel, wood, etc., Out of all building materials, bricks play the predominant role in the field of construction. While building any residential or commercial structure, it becomes utmost important to choose the right building materials to be used. There are two types of brick available these days: (a) Red Brick, and (b) Fly Ash Brick.

Red bricks have been used in the construction since ages and the industry of construction and management has introduced fly ash brick in the market. Fly ash brick a.k.a. self-cementing bricks are being extensively used in the construction field nowadays due to cost-effectiveness. The material is also termed as “green product” as it reduces environmental pollution. It is obtained by burning coal. Rather than discarding the material, fly ash has been put to some good and efficient use. Fly ash concrete requires less curing which makes it more workable. The best feature of the bricks made of fly ash is that their strength improves over a period. Moreover, fly ash bricks reduce the chances of thermal cracking. Developed and patented by Dr. Bhanumathidas and Kalidas, the bricks are available as Class C and Class F. Fly ash bricks are lighter in weight too which makes them the best and first choice of the builders.

One more reason for you to select fly ash brick for construction is the bricks are sound-proof in nature, hence, reducing outdoor noise and sounds. Rather than spending extra money to make your house sound-proof, cut that extra price and invest it in decorating it. The durability of these bricks prevents natural disasters like earthquake, hurricanes, etc., Builders generally prefer fly ash concrete for the smooth and superior quality of finishing it provides to the structure which is very difficult to obtain while using red bricks. With the revolving and changing technologies in the industry of construction, fly ash bricks have coup d’état red bricks. The environment-friendly bricks are cost-effective, durable, light-weight, sound-proof, space efficient and hence, is being chosen by many top developers across the globe for construction purposes.