Wagholi may be a good investment destination in Pune

If you are looking to invest in real estate in Pune, there are several upcoming areas, which promise high returns and good future potential in terms of infrastructural growth. Wagholi is one of these areas, which you can definitely consider in terms of long-term investments. Wagholi is strategically located on the important Pune-Nagar Highway and is located in close proximity to Kharadi, which is a major IT hub with several IT parks and offices located here.

This automatically makes Wagholi a sought-after destination for people working in the IT cluster in Kharadi and this has led to increased demand for residential properties in the locality. Wagholi is also located in close proximity to major industrial zones like Ranjangaon and Shikrapur, which is another reason behind increasing demand for property here. Several industrial and automobile clusters are located nearby and people working in these industries majorly seek homes in Wagholi. Wagholi has several options for investors right from affordable properties to premium homes. Investment prospects and values have appreciated considerably over the last 5 years in the neighborhood.

Civic infrastructure is top-notch in Wagholi and residents can expect good social amenities like retail outlets, reputed educational institutions and leading hospitals nearby. Several well-known schools have opened their branches in the neighborhood while some reputed international board schools have also opened here. Wagholi also offers good connectivity to prime areas like Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park and Mundhwa. The Hadapsar Kharadi IT Park is also readily accessible from the locality.

Another point worth considering is that prices of property in Wagholi are still pretty reasonable in comparison to prices in other fringes of the city. This makes it a great time to invest in the locality. The area is likely to come under the aegis of the PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation) anytime soon and once that happens, there should be even faster growth. There is also the possibility of a new Ring Road being built near Wagholi while an IT Park is already being constructed in the locality.

These developments and other infrastructural growth will definitely lead to an appreciation in property prices over the next few years. Wagholi makes for a good investment destination on account of its reasonable prices, well-developed social infrastructure and connectivity advantages.